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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is a unique social deduction game that combines personality types and This or That questions.

What are similar games?

When we created Emotional Intelligence, we were inspired by WavelengthDixit and of course, the classic Clue. We wanted to create a game that combines the sleuthing of Clue with the wacky social aspects of Wavelength and Codenames

Sizzle Reel

How to Play


If I ask the question, do I also answer? Do all players have to answer the question?

Everyone, including you, must answer the question by selecting one of the two options in the question. Questions must be answered in a clockwise fashion in order, starting with the person asking the question.

What can I say when I answer?

You can:

You can express uncertainty in answering, e.g. “It’s a tough choice but [X].”

You can express your reaction to another player’s answer, e.g. “Thought you would pick the other one.”


You cannot choose to not answer the question. You must select only one to answer.

You cannot elaborate on why you chose that answer.

How do I use the Deduction Pad?

How you use the Deduction Padis up to you, but here’s a guide to using it to help you keep track of your progress.

When can I start guessing?

After each category has had at least TWO (2) questions played on it, a player can use his/her turn to instigate the guessing of another player INSTEAD of getting information from other players. (Note: Instigation does not apply to 2 player games).

Can the same person be instigated twice?

Once a player has been instigated, they cannot be instigated again. Even if their personality type was not revealed during Instigation, they cannot be instigated twice.

What happens after I’ve been instigated? Am I out of the game?

On the contrary, you’re just as much in the game as before your instigation. You can still use your turn to ask questions and instigate other players. The only difference is that you no longer have to answer This or That questions. 

The game is over when every player has been instigated. Each player counts the number of points they received for each guess for other players, as well as points for other players’ correct guesses for themselves (if there were any). The winner of the game is the player with the most points.

Can I play the game with two people?

Yes, you play the same way as with 3+ players. The only exception is that there’s no Instigation.

All players get the exact number of points for how many personality categories they guess correctly. Correctly guessed players also get 2 points.

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