What is Cake Auf?

Cake Auf! (pronounced “cake off”) is a take-that, recipe-fulfilling card game for 2-4 people, perfect for families and parties.

What are Similar Games?

We believe that Cake Auf! is its own game, but people have likened it to Exploding Kittens, Monopoly Deal and Sushi Go.

Sizzle Reel

How to Play


How many actions and ingredients can I play during my turn?

You can play as many actions and ingredients as you want during your turn. However, you may want to keep cards in your hand if you want to Take a Mulligan later down the line.

What happens to recipes that are switched via The Old Switcheroo? Do the ingredient cards played already on them get switched as well? What about bans placed on them?

When recipes are switched via The Old Switcheroo, everything that is already placed on the recipes, whether it’s ingredients or bans, gets switched.

Can I use The Old Switcheroo (Recipe) on a recipe that’s already been completed?


Can I continue to make a recipe that has a ban on it?

Yes, you can continue to place ingredients on a recipe that has one or two bans on it. However, the recipe cannot be completed until the ban(s) are lifted.

Can an overnight card go into the next round even when there are no ingredients placed on it? If I don’t complete an overnight card in the next round, can it carry into the 3rd round?

Yes and yes.

When you switch a recipe via Picky Eater, what happens to the ingredients and ban(s) placed on your original recipe?

All the ingredients and ban(s) placed on the original recipe go into the Discard pile.

When you look at the top 3 recipe cards via Picky Eater, do you put the top 3 back?

It’s up to you, but I like to shuffle the recipe deck every time I use the Picky Eater.


Can I play 1 for 1 even when I have no cards left (after playing 1 for 1)?

Yes you can.

Do I get a new recipe after my recipe was Freezer Burned?

Yes you do.

Do I have to remember whose card had a Fridge ban?

Yes, but you can ask the intended player nicely and they will (most likely) reveal the Fridge ban recipe card. 

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